Important Exhibitor Info

Please Read Carefully:

  1. Use the free hotel car park, in front of the hotel and also on the right (looking at the front of the
    hotel) Holiday Inn say 250 spaces in total. No cameras!
  2. Do not park in the car park of The Bannatyne Health Club & Spa (to the right of the hotel car park entrance) as this is camera controlled.
  3. On road parking is free.
  4. Check in time: 2pm (Friday / Saturday)
  5. Check out time: 11am latest.
  6. Park up before unloading and next collect your exhibitor pack from our show reception desk which we plan to be in the lobby in front of the lifts.
  7. Next go to hotel reception where they will have prepared check-in forms for each room,
    complete this and you will be given the key.
  8. Go check your room and start unloading, we suggest to take it in turns to pull up the entrance, unload then park up elsewhere.
  9. There will be different arrangements for Friday afternoon arrivals – likely to be packs being
    distributed by Robin, Cambs12 & Maverick.
  10. In your pack will be cloth wrist bands, please wear these throughout your stay. Remember
    we will be checking!
  11. There is a large, main staircase, next to the 2 lifts at the far end of the lobby area. Try to use the lifts for moving kit only.
  12. We will be asking for volunteers to man the entrance door / help on Saturday afternoon!
  13. Network: free & open. Next visit by the time we will be testing a streaming set up.
  14. Warning: poor 4G and 5G signals in the hotel.

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Upon FIRST entry take some pictures, we MUST return all rooms to the same good order upon exit.
Hotel management will be checking as well as will ‘wam staff.
As far as we can tell the rooms have some moveable furniture and a couple of chairs
Extra chairs will be at the stairwell on floors 1 and 2, please stack back here upon leaving
Bathrooms are decent for storage
Most rooms have only a few power sockets, bring extension leads or prepare to visit B&Q (about 2 miles away)
The hotel has open, free Wi-Fi – no login. Be aware that the hotel has weak 4G and 5G signals.
DO bring gaffer tape to tape down any leads stretching over the floor.
Remember to have fun, most systems should sound great.


Cooked Breakfast:
Served in the restaurant, times;
Saturday 7am – 10am

Sunday 7am – 9am (normally from 8am -10am) but with Sunday being show day it will exceptionally be 7am to 9am

Monday breakfast will be served from 6.30am until 9.30am.

Saturday Exhibitors Dinner
Likely to be single sitting at 7:30pm in the O’Hara 1 ballroom - doors to the right of the lifts. This has its own bar which will be open during service.

Lunchtime Sunday

Friday night curry

There will be a curry outing, probably to Curry Mahal which is a 6 minute walk. Watch for a sign up list of the 'wam.

Sunday night curry

There will be another curry outing, probably to the larger Original DilRaj Tandoori Restaurant which is sadly a 9 minute walk. again, watch for a sign up list on the 'wam.


There are 2 bars open, a much larger bar to the left of the lifts and stairs. Payments will be cash or preferably card, room charges will be refused by the staff, please do not ask.

When Saturday dinner is being served there will be a substantial bar open in the ballroom where we are eating.

Opening times still to be negotiated